Kotlin Android Tutorial for Beginners

Kotlin is a programming language that can run on JVM. Google has announced Kotlin as one of its officially supported programming languages in Android Studio; and the Android community is migrating at a pace from Java to Kotlin. So, you may see Kotlin code snippets in the forums or online discussions here after.

Learning Android development is very easy, given that you know the right direction and correct steps. Of Course Official Android Developer provides a rich documentation and examples which are helpful in easing the Android App Development. We here help you and guide you in taking those first little steps and master in developing your own Android Applications.

Kotlin Android Tutorial

Our Kotlin Android Tutorials are targeted for beginners who are enthusiastic and about to write their first Android Application or just playing around the basics of Android using Kotlin language. We shall also present you the capabilities and features provided by Android with examples and sample projects to make your Android Application Development easy and fun.

Getting Started

To get started with Android Application Development, we have to setup the development environment. Download Android Studio for your Operating System and follow the below topics to create an Android application with Kotlin Support. If you already know Java and started building Android Applications with it, you may convert them to Kotlin using Android Studio.

Android Studio IDE

The base of Android Studio is IntelliJ IDEA. If you have already worked with IntelliJ IDEA, then most of the Android Studio would be familiar.

Android Studio provides Menus and ToolBars to run android applications, debug android applications, modify project structure, manage Android Virtual Devices, manage SDK, code editor in Text and Design modes etc.

Main Window Overview

Android Studio Main Window contains

  • Menu Bar
  • Tool Bar
  • Project Window
  • Code Editor Window

File Menu

Some of the useful and regularly used items in File Menu are

  • New – Creates new Android Application
  • Open – Opens existing Android Application
  • Open Recent – Shows the list of recently opened projects and clicking on one of them would open the project.

XML Design Editor

In addition to Text Editor, Activity Layout files could be edited using XML Design Editor. The UI elements could be drag and dropped to the Layout at center. You can also select the device, API, Application Theme, etc. When you select a UI element, its properties could be modified in the Attributes window.

Tool Bar

There are many useful actions provided in the toolbar. Some of the most frequently used are:

  • Run
  • Debug
  • Android Virtual Device Manager
  • Android SDK Manager

When you click on the Run button, if there are any android devices connected to your PC in debug mode, they would appear under ‘Connected Devices’. Virtual devices that were created through AVD Manager appear under Avaialable Virtual Devices.


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Let’s move on to the next ones and learn much more shall we?

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